Emzingo U  partners with pioneering world-class academic institutions and students who have realized we must either reinvent education or risk irrelevance

Our Model:

Leadership Development + Social Impact Consulting Projects

We aim to prepare the next generation of responsible leaders by engaging top-performing students through impact projects with amazing NGOs and Social Enterprises in Peru, Brazil, South Africa, USA and Spain.


Our academic programs combine leadership training with social impact consulting projects in emerging markets.


Through intensive leadership training including personal reflection, mentoring and coaching, our fellows are challenged to grow both as leaders and as positive contributors to society.

Discover Our Programs

Global Impact Fellowship

Duration: 8 weeks.

Level: Undergraduate student.

Impact Learning Treks

Duration: 7 - 14 days.

Level: Graduate, Undergraduate, Professional

Social Impact Lab

Duration: 6 weeks.

Level: Graduate student or Professional

NexGen Consulting Corps

Duration: 6 – 7 weeks.

Level: Graduate student or Professional

Impact Courses

Duration: Semester Course + 1 Week Travel.

Level: Graduate and Undergraduate.


A New Approach To Learning


A hands-on social impact consulting project, where fellows can apply acquired knowledge and work with partners from the social sector through our existing networks – including Ashoka Fellows and Endeavor companies.


A comprehensive classroom-based and experiential change curriculum with locally sourced subject matter experts, professors, and corporate stakeholders.


An introspective learning model supported by expert facilitators, coaches, focused on personal development, with peer-to-peer and professional coaching feedback.

Time and again, our MBAs returned from this 6-8 week intensive internship abroad transformed, with priceless insights into global business and their own leadership style.


Catherine Awad

McGill University

Referring to my 8-week Emzingo experience in South Africa as a whirlwind would be an understatement. Everyone has their own journey and benefits in different ways from the experience. Personally, I benefitted the most professionally. I was thrown into an unfamiliar environment where I had to understand a new country’s culture and social policies before I could begin to add any value to my project. This taught me how to handle information overload, prioritize and systematically break down a problem. Most importantly, it gave me the opportunity to work with incredibly talented and motivated individuals while making a small impact on the local community.


Sufanah Hamza

McGill GIF Fellow, SA ‘15

McGill University has been partnering with Emzingo since 2013, and year after year Emzingo’s NexGen Fellowship proves to be a defining leap in each MBA’s own leadership and professional development. Time and again, our MBAs returned from this 6-8 week intensive internship abroad transformed, with priceless insights into global business and their own leadership style.

They thoroughly enjoy exploring the world beyond their comfort zones: collaborating with fellow MBAs from other business school, consulting to local business owners in South Africa and Peru, receiving training and support from Emzingo’s Program Managers and taking trips to be immersed in the beauty of the country, its people and its culture.  

Emzingo’s NexGen Fellowship is truly a unique and alternative way for MBAs to grow and gain precious experience for the next role in their careers, and for the rest of their lives.

McGill University

McGill University

Gain Impact Consulting Experience​ Focused On

Sample Projects

Nanga Vhutshilo is an integrated child/family centred program for orphans, vulnerable, HIV/AIDS affected children, their caregivers and families. www.nangavhutshilo.org.za


Sample Project: Fellows developed a Marketing strategy which re-aligned Nanga Vhutshilo’s vision, mission, values and re-positioned the organization within the donor space. Fellows created and implemented marketing tools (brochures, website updates, etc.) that were immediately implemented.

X-runner is a social enterprise that provides an innovative sanitation solution to families that cannot have regular toilets. Their waterless toilets work in areas without sewage in Peru. www.xrunner-venture.com


Sample Project: Fellows developed a revenue generation strategy by focusing on fundraising and sales efforts, identifying potential new funders and investors, and piloting a new sales model which included training women in the local community as brand ambassadors and developing them as a local sales force.

Our experiences focus on five areas vital to responsible leadership in the 21st century



and Change


Global Management

and Cultural Awareness

Self-Awareness and

Emotional Intelligence

At Emzingo we also work with Business Leaders & ​ Organizations.

Learn how we help your business innovate, grow, prepare responsible leaders, create impact, and connect with society.


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