Why should I apply for Emzingo U?


Great question! We always say that everyone comes to Emzingo U for different reasons. For some it is an intense interest on personal development and leadership. For others, they are very excited to learn more about social impact or entrepreneurship. For many, it is a chance to get an international immersion experience and learn about a new country. For others, it is really for the consulting experience and a chance to use this to secure a consulting position upon graduation. For nearly everyone though, it is a combination of all these elements. 


Emzingo U really exists to challenge you, to push you out of your comfort zone, and show you all the many ways that the private and public sector can work together to make positive social change. We bring together students from different schools, differents backgrounds, different fileds of study and different perspectives of life and challenge them to get a real hands-on experience where they are both learning from others and assisting others. We hope to inspire you to solve global challenges, prepare you to do so, and connect you to the organizations and companies that are doing tremendous work to change the status quo. We are a family. We are a movement. We are network of amazing people, doing incredible things, to help others and themselves. Join us.

What is  Emzingo U?

Emzingo U is a social enterprise and Certified B Corp that aims to train the next generation of leaders to be more responsible, empathetic, self-aware, and culturally sensitive to the world around them and the problems within it. We design amazing experiences that engage these future leaders in social impact consulting projects and workshops to help nonprofits and social enterprises overcome key strategic challenges. In doing so, we aim to empower and strengthen the organizations and communities in which we work while our participants equally learn from and assist these organizations using the skills they have attained through their studies, their careers, and Emzingo design and strength building workshops.


Through long and short engagements both locally and abroad, we hope to expose participants to the world of social entrepreneurship and innovation and help them find their place within it. In doing so we hope to inspire our participants to find purpose in the careers, prepare them for an increasingly global world, and help connect the private and public sectors in an effort  to create lasting, positive change.